Setouchi Seaplanes


Why don’t you see the stunning  Setouchi view from the Seaplane?

Setouchi Seaplanes provides a unique way to view the Seto Inland Sea and its surroundings. As the only sightseeing operator in Japan using seaplanes, Setouchi Seaplanes offers both regular and chartered flights from the Bella Vista Marina in Onomichi and Hiroshima airport. Scheduled sightseeing flights last roughly 30 minutes, and depart four times a day.

If you happen to arrive early for your flight, be sure to spend some time exploring the Setouchi Seaplanes airline lounge. After walking through the building’s tunnel-like entrance—designed to enhance the travel experience—the lounge is on the left. Floor-to-ceiling windows give the best view of the Bella Vista Marina and the Seto Inland Sea beyond. Lucky visitors might even catch sight of Guntu, the famous floating hotel ship.


But the lounge is an attraction in itself. There is a large collection of modern furniture designed by Pierre Jeanneret (1896–1967), an architect who was Le Corbusier’s (1887–1965) cousin and colleague. Jeanneret and Le Corbusier collaborated on a long-term urban planning project in Chandigarh, India, during which Jeanneret designed some of the furniture in the lounge. Books on Jeanneret and other architects are available to browse. The mid-century modernist style extends beyond the lounge, too, with the design of the Setouchi Seaplanes coasters and napkins recalling a more glamorous era of air travel.


1364-6 Urasakicho Onomichishi, Hiroshima

℡+81-848-70-0388 (9:30-17:00 JST)

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Price JPY20,000(Weekdays) / JPY25,000(weekends) + TAX