Photo : Nobutada OMOTE | SANDWICH

Shinshoji Temple: KOHTEI 神勝禅寺 洸庭



The KOHTEI, designed by sculptor Kohei Nawa and his creative platform SANDWICH, seems to rise up out of the ground. Unlike any other building at Shinshoji Temple, the KOHTEI is both an impressive piece of architecture and an art installation.


The KOHTEI is shaped like a ship, raised high on pylons over a sea of scattered rocks. The building is solid concrete, but looks light enough to set sail, covered in nearly 590,000 Sawara cypress planks that seem to ripple with the building’s soft curves. The roof is covered in Sawara cypress, too, but its planks have darkened over time, while its underside remains light.


Walking up a winding path, visitors eventually find themselves at a wooden walkway leading directly into the KOHTEI. Inside is an installation created by SANDWICH designed to mimic the experience of Zen meditation. During peak times, there can be a queue for the KOHTEI, but Nawa’s art is the perfect antidote to the frustration of waiting in line.


洸庭由雕塑家名和晃平(1975- )统领的创意平台SANDWICH设计。这座建筑拔地而起,不仅是一座建筑,更是一件艺术装置,在神胜寺内的建筑中独树一帜。





  • The entrance of KOHTEI / Photo : Nobutada OMOTE | SANDWICH
  • KOHTEI in Shinshoji Temple / Photo : Nobutada OMOTE | SANDWICH


Kamisanna 91, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama,Hiroshima

℡+81-84-988-1111 (Temple Office)

Admission time: 9:00〜16:30(closed at 17:00)

Admission fee for Shinshoji Temple: JPY1,200

About 30 mins from Fukuyama Station by car


Each program starts every 30 mins in the art pavilion.

Advance booking at the entrance is required.