Perfectly positioned on the Onomichi Channel waterfront, Onomichi U2 is a mixed-use venue geared towards visitors of all kinds, but especially cyclists. A former marine transport warehouse built in 1943, Onomichi U2 now houses a restaurant, bar, café, bakery, souvenir shop, and cycling store, but the building is best known for its unique hotel.


Onomichi U2 is divided into thirds, with roughly one third occupied by Hotel Cycle. As the name suggests, the hotel is designed with cyclists in mind, and bike racks are available in all 28 rooms. Guests without a bicycle can rent one from Hotel Cycle or the Giant cycling shop inside Onomichi U2. Hotel Cycle is visually separated from the rest of Onomichi U2 by the soft light and dark décor of its public spaces, and the same cozy atmosphere extends into the hotel rooms, with dark wooden desks and heavy stone benchtops. The hotel’s cushions and pajamas are made using Bingo-gasuri, a local woven cotton fabric like denim which is made in nearby Fukuyama.


The conversion of Onomichi U2 from warehouse to hospitality hotspot was completed in 2014 by Suppose Design Office, who managed to preserve the original historical building. Without modifying the existing structure, Suppose reinforced the building for earthquake resistance, and used lightweight steel frames to create buildings inside the warehouse. This gives Onomichi U2 a nested design, with smaller buildings inside the main space, none of which quite touch the original walls or ceiling. This architecture within architecture is most visible in Hotel Cycle, where visitors can see it from the hotel lobby.


The layout of Onomichi U2 takes inspiration from Onomichi’s local shopping arcade, with a long central walkway flanked by shops and cafés on either side, which continues through to Hotel Cycle. Designed to feel like a town within a town, the building’s open plan encourages natural interaction between visitors and staff, and the main materials—wood, stone, and steel—serve as reminders of Onomichi’s traditional wooden houses and its active shipbuilding industry.


多功能复合建筑ONOMICHI U2地处尾道水道前,位置绝佳,可满足不同游客的需求,尤受骑行者的青睐。其前身是建于1943年的海运仓库,如今则集餐厅、酒吧、咖啡馆、面包房、礼品店及自行车店于一身,更以独具一格的酒店而著称。


ONOMICHI U2分为三个区域,Hotel Cycle则约占其三分之一。顾名思义,酒店以服务骑行者为宗旨而设计,28间客房均配有自行车架。未备自行车的住客可在Hotel Cycle或ONOMICHI U2内的捷安特自行车店租借。Hotel Cycle在视觉上与ONOMICHI U2的其他区域分隔开来,透过其柔和的灯光与酒店公共空间的幽暗装饰,惬意的氛围一直延伸至设有深色木质书桌和厚重石制盥洗台的客房。而酒店提供的靠枕和睡衣产自附近的福山,所用布料则是一种类似牛仔布的特质棉织布——“备后絣”。


2014年,Suppose Design Office在成功保留仓库原有建筑的基础上,将其改造为高档旅游接待设施ONOMICHI U2。建筑内部采用轻钢搭建子结构,在主空间内嵌套出一系列刚好上不触顶、侧不碰壁的小型建筑,并且在不改变现有结构的同时,进一步增强了抗震性。倘若游客从Hotel Cycle的酒店大堂观赏,其建筑物中包含建筑这一构造则一目了然。


ONOMICHI U2的布局灵感来源于尾道当地的商店街:长长的中央通道贯穿建筑物,一直通往Hotel Cycle,两侧的店铺和咖啡馆鳞次栉比,如同城市中的另一座小城。开放式设计使游客与店铺工作人员之间自然互动,木、石、铁等主要建材则让人不禁联想起尾道传统的木造民居与繁荣的造船业。

  • The interior of the facillity / Photo/ONOMICHI U2
  • The interior of the facillity / Photo/ONOMICHI U2
  • The whole building / Photo/ONOMICHI U2
  • The reception of HOTEL CYCLE / Photo/ONOMICHI U2
  • The bed room of HOTEL CYCLE / Photo/ONOMICHI U2


5-11, Nishi Gosho-cho, Onomichi, Hiroshima

℡+81-848-21-0550(HOTEL CYCLE)

5 mins from Onomichi Station on foot

They sell bikes as well as offer maintenance and bike rental service in GIANT STORE Onomichi.